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Updates and changes at Anglia Ranger

Table 22 update

Summer 1985 now added.

Added on: 31-08-2014

1987 summer Saturdays

Gen from the 1987 summer Saturdays chart now added. All summer Saturday stuff 1983-90 now on the database.

Added on: 29-09-2013

Summer Sats 1986

Gen for 1986 summer Saturdays now uploaded.

Added on: 25-09-2013

Summer Sats 1985

Summer Saturday trains for 1985 now uploaded. A few Yarmouth locos missing at start and end of day.

Added on: 10-07-2013

Winter 1984-85 table 22

All available data for table 22 in winter 1984-85 now uploaded. Where possible use of steam heat has been recorded.

Added on: 23-03-2013

Data update

Winter 1984 up to end December added for Table 22.

Added on: 02-12-2012

Summer 1984 Table 18 SO

All the gen from the summer Saturdays 1984 chart. I am missing some Yarmouth "portions" which were booked Stratford eth class 47s.

Added on: 20-05-2012

Summer 1984 Table 22

Summer 1984 for Table 22 is now added to the database. This is about 80 per cent complete.

Added on: 13-05-2012

Data upload 1983

Summer 1983 and winter 1983 added for Liverpool Street to Cambridge and Kings Lynn, including Norwich via Cambridge trains.

Clapton Tunnel was closed for engineering works 30 July to 21 August 1983 with most trains diverted via Seven Sisters and a few via Stratford.



Added on: 22-11-2011

1983 summer Saturdays

Summer Saturday dated trains for 1983 added to the database. A few bits are missing, mainly on the Yarmouth "portions".

Added on: 20-11-2011

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