The website is the comprehensive source for rail enthusiasts of locomotives hauling passenger trains in East Anglia from 1982 to 1990.
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Updates and changes at Anglia Ranger

Lowestoft 1983-84

The database is updated to include East Suffolk line loco hauled trains to and from Lowestoft in 1983-84, the last year of loco hauled trains on the line.

Added on: 20-10-2011

Data upload

Data now uploaded for summer 1988 Saturday holiday trains.

Added on: 16-05-2011

Train information news

The Train Information page needs some tidying up but it does now contain the 1989 and 1990 summer Saturday loco diagrams.

Added on: 03-04-2011

Further update on summer 1989

The original update did not work properly and has now been corrected. With thanks to Mike Bryant and the Bishop we now have a full dataset for the Yarmouth Sunday portion.

Added on: 02-04-2011

Data upload

Data uploaded for:

These datasets are virtually complete, missing some Kings Lynn trains for Bank Holiday Monday 29 May, and three summer Sunday portions to Yarmouth, all in September 1989.

Added on: 24-03-2011

Welcome to angliaranger

The angliaranger website is now up and running. we have a few bugs in the system that we aim to sort out in the next week or so.

Added on: 22-03-2011

Data upload

Data uploaded for:

These are virtually complete datasets apart from some missing entries on 22/10/89 and 16/12/89. Can anyone fill these gaps please?

Added on: 22-03-2011

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